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Sophie’s joyous attitude, loving everything and having so much fun, joy and energy is a tribute to the special effort and skill all of the DC Dog Sitter team brings to all of her adventures; and we really appreciate your dedication.
— Kristen Garry and Rob Rudnick
I just wanted to give you all a quick FYI. When I took the pups out this morning, on our way back in, our Head Concierge, Michael, spoke to me about the DC Dog Sitter Team and made a point to tell me that he thinks you all are FANTASTIC. I was THRILLED to hear this.

He said, “The dog walkers you have come by now, they really take great care of your pups.” I pried a bit more and he said, “Everyone that has come in are super friendly, very professional and you can just tell they all really love animals, as an animal lover myself, I try to keep an eye out for our resident pets so it was just an observation I made and wanted to share with you.”

As dog parents, we are always very nervous with who takes care of our pups, especially when we’re not around and the fact that the pups can’t really give us any feedback if anything was wrong, so this was a fabulous thing to know (especially unprompted). Just wanted to pass the feedback on and thank you all for your love on our pups! :)
— Lynn Ly
Seriously the most amazing pet service I’ve encountered. I recently used DCDS when I went on a short business trip. I hated leaving my pup but loved knowing that he was in such great hands. I felt like DCDS really cared about him as if he was their own. Lots of updates, and Emma and Jenn handled my dog’s troublemaking streak with an awesome attitude and incredible professionalism. Not looking forward to the next time my work takes me away from my dog, but it’s such a relief to know that DCDS is around to make it easier and less stressful.
— Sarah Elizabeth Holmes
I wish I could leave 10 stars. DCDS is bar none the best dog sitting service out there. What sets Jenn and company apart from everyone else is how much they cater to both you and your pet. Jenn and company are prompt and responsive with communication, and if you are pressed for time will pick up your pet and drop them off at the beginning and end of each stay. Each member of this group LOVES animals. They cater to any particular pet diets, provide specific home remedies for any pet ailments, and make sure that each stay is a pampered vacation for your pet. However, what truly impressed me about Jenn was how she worked with me when a family emergency extended my five-day puppy sitting in to five weeks. Jenn fed my baby on her own dime *not charging me*, took my little girl to extra puppy play dates, checked in with me to see how I was handling everything and was thoughtful and compassionate when I was completely stressing out. I can’t articulate enough how wonderful everyone was, going so far as to pick me up from the airport and leave me and my Scarlett a little goodie basket when I got home. I’ve used DCDS several times and don’t trust my fur baby with anyone else. If you are looking for a fantastic and loving group of people to take amazing care of your furry one DCDS is it.
— Molly Mattison
It’s not often you find a group that makes you feel like a bad parent to your babies. And I mean that in a good way. Emma voluntarily asked to take our babies to the beach with her and a friend and 2 English Bulldogs. We want our dogs to socialize desperately. After a successful beach day, they of course show me love but clearly miss them when they left. Best money I ever spent. If you ever want to care for your dogs when you leave town, book them. You cannot imagine how immeasurably happy we are they helped us socialize our dogs.
— Blaze Gries