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(Offered 10 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday)


Our Training program was developed with a desire to help owners and their pet(s) achieve the greatest bond and also help owners overcome many of the hurdles experienced with dog ownership. Celebrity dog behavior expert, Cesar Millan, is known for saying. “I rehabilitate dogs; I train people.” There is much truth to this statement as dogs learn behavior patterns from much of the feedback they receive - both verbal and nonverbal. Did you know that just the way you hold a leash can transmit an energy pattern to your dog? If you are stressed or on alert, your dog will be so even more. We help humans achieve balance with their dog by addressing where their pet's current knowledge is and helping correct, refine, and advance their skills. All private lessons are designed to you and your pet's specific needs and desires.


What Our Training Is Able To Do

  • Appropriate Greetings (teaching your dog how to meet humans and other dogs)

  • Doors and Entry or Exit (how not to run toward or through every door he or she sees)

  • Leash manners (how to hold a leash, how to walk on loose leash, and how not to pull)

  • Down (how not to jump)

  • Sit and Stay (holding a long sit)

  • Come (one of the most important commands)

  • Resource Guarding (learning not to guard toys or be possessive of items)

  • Name Recognition (the beginning to building a successful recall)

  • Socialization and Becoming Comfortable (to humans, new situations, dogs, and in the city)

  • Potty Training

  • Crate Training (ways to help avoid separation anxiety)



Private Training Session Prices

  • 1 Session, $145

  • 4 Pack, $435

  • 6 Pack, $600

  • 8 Pack, $750

  • 10 Pack, $885


Training is an ongoing part of your relationship with your pet. Every day, make it a point to engage and work on training. One of our most favorite instructors who has his own online course is by Mike Ritland. Make a point to get involved and do a little everyday. You will be amazed at the benefit and rewards this investment will provide!

Trikos Team Dog - Mike Ritland