FAQ's Drop Down Box

Why Hire Us?


We have a very straight forward motto, 'If we can do it, we will!'

Whether you are looking for daily dog visits, hiking adventures, pet sitting, cat sitting, celebrity pet care, hotel pet sitting, or chauf-fur service; DC Dog Sitter is able to help. Here are a few reasons why we may be the purrfect fit for you:

DC Dog Sitter took such wonderful care of our dog that I don’t think he wanted to come home! Jennifer kept in constant touch with us, sending photos and updates and even picked me up from the airport so I didn’t have to come pick our puppy up. This was a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to book Jackson’s next stay—and I know he can’t either!
— Abbigail C.

1. We are all certified professional pet sitters and pet lovers.
It’s true. We. Love. Animals! But, in addition to being enamoured over our four-legged creatures, we are all self-motivated, friendly, responsible, and educated. Additionally, each of our team members are certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.


2. We are a close pack. 
We all get along, we work well with each other, and we help each other out. We are a team and we work together to maintain a healthy, happy work environment, however, it’s simple when the formula is: great job + paw-sitive people!


3. If you are looking for open communication, you are barking up the right tree. 
At each visit we provide messages on our messaging platform letting you know how our visit went with your beloved pet.


4. We love tech-meow-logy.
We melt over those cute and funny moments with your furball – and we love to share them! Whether they are lounging around or enthralled with a toy or outdoors in their element – we want you to know about it! 


We work hard so our pets can live a better life.
— Jennifer M.

5. We tailor our service to your needs. 
No request for your furry companion is too much for us. We are happy to administer medication, massage, bellyrubs, and extra daily visits for your special one.


6. Making reservations is easy. 
Not just easy, really easy! You may login to your online portal and make your reservations. If you are a new client, we'll need you to register online so we can go through the quick and painless process of getting your beloved munchkin on our radar.


Here are what a few clients have written about us:

We started working with DC Dog Sitter a few weeks after we became parents to our precious french bulldog, Hugo, in 2014. To say that they are important to us would be an understatement - they are simply part of our family. Hugo just celebrated his 2nd birthday and is happy, healthy, well-balanced, full of joy, and well-behaved. We owe so much of this to Jenn Makeeff and her superb team. Whether it’s daily walks for Hugo, weekly outings that they conduct to encourage exercise and bonding with other dogs, overnight stays where they provide the utmost care, or going above and beyond by giving Hugo a spa bath when he needs it, they are simply the best. With DC Dog Sitter, they use technology to ensure you receive real-time updates when your dog is on a walk, on an outing, or at an overnight stay. What you feel the most when you work with Jenn and her team is genuine love for your dog, love that goes well beyond a job. In fact, on Hugo’s birthday, the entire team stopped by with a card, toy and special cake made just for him. That’s how they treat each and every client. It’s remarkable and I count my lucky stars that we found DC Dog Sitter and that they have since become part of our family. If you want the best for your dog - look no further than DC Dog Sitter!!!
— Jason Mida
Jenn is THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!! Look no further. You will be delighted with Jenn and DC Dog Sitter on every level. Jenn has been sitting my dog, Simie, ever since I adopted her, and boy what a difference Jenn has made to our quality of life!

When I leave Simie with Jenn, I know that she will be cared for with genuine love and amazing expertise:

- Jenn always provides regular updates on Simie with pictures and stories. The first time I had to leave town after adopting Simie, Jenn was so understanding of how hard it was for me to leave her behind, and she had sent me photos of Simie getting settled in within minutes of me dropping her off!

- Jenn takes a very proactive interest in the well-being of the dogs in her care. For example, Simie used to be shy around other dogs, so Jenn started working with Simie while I was away, keeping track of her progress and just really caring about how my little girl was doing and how her life could be improved. As another example, Simie is a picky eater with a sensitive stomach, and Jenn has been making special eating arrangements for her and has helped experiment with what foods work for Simie. All in all, Jenn has tremendous expertise and experience in how to care for dogs, so it has been priceless to have her help me provide the best all-around care for Simie!

- Jenn does a stellar grooming job! Simie always comes home with healthy, shiny, fluffy, and clean fur, and freshly trimmed nails, which is just wonderful.

- Jenn goes above and beyond in being flexible with things like drop off/pick up arrangements. Recently I arrived at the airport to find my car battery dead, and Jenn immediately drove out to jump start it and made sure Simie and I got home safely.

Perhaps the most important thing to say about Jenn, though, is that she loves my dog as if she were her own. And Simie loves Jenn. I really could not be more grateful for her, and I have no doubt you will be, too!
— Lint B.
Jennifer always goes above and beyond in taking care of my animals. She has taken all the worry out of leaving our dog and 2 cats behind. And my dog, Zuzu, LOVES her....to me that is what is most important.
— Kristin A.
We love everything about Jen and thank our lucky stars that we found her! She is phenomenal with Roxie and just an absolute doll.
— Tracy L.
Lottie was taken good care of by Jennifer, and returned to me happy and healthy. She was even a little sad to leave Jennifer’s side when it was time to go. Highly recommend!
— Mallory F.
I was very nervous about using a new boarder, but am so glad I did. Jennifer was extremely welcoming, and made me feel comfortable with her before Basil even arrived to stay with her. She sent lots of updates and pictures, and I will definitely be boarding with her again! Thank you so much for caring for Basil while I was away.
— Dominique C.
Jennifer was awesome to work with! Luna had a blast and Jennifer was very attentive to her needs.
— K.C.
My pup Astro stayed a weekend with Jennifer and I was overly impressed! As a last-minute getaway over Easter, I needed someone to watch my pup. I had never left him alone with anyone else overnight before, nevertheless two days! I contacted Jennifer the day of dropping off Astro and she was very welcoming. She had several other dogs she was caring for and I appreciated her taking in Astro for the two days. She also referred me to discounts to take advantage of, which was a huge help! Astro came home tired out (they did a lot of running and playing) and clean! She bathed him and it was nice to have him clean and ready to come home without the mess. Jennifer is now going to be a regular in Astro’s puppy world! Thanks, Jennifer!!!
— Ericka R.
My dog had a great time with Jennifer! We got lots of updates and photos during her stay. Best of all, my baby slept 3 days straight when she got home from her exciting week, so I know she had lots of exercise and fun!! She can’t wait for her next visit.
— Aimee B.
Jennifer provided excellent care for my dog, Honey. She was so nice to provide me with pictures and updates of Honey throughout the stay. I could tell Honey didn’t want to leave! I would absolutely recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a caring dog sitter!
— Alexander M.
I can’t say enough good things about the care provided. Jennifer sent regular updates and pictures during my dog’s week stay, and was very understanding and patient with all of my dog’s quirks and behavior. I could tell when I returned that she took great care and attention to my dog. Would highly recommend.
— Eric H.
My dog, Buddy, stayed with Jennifer over a long weekend recently. She was so accomodating, kept us informed about how he was doing, sent lots of photos, and took great care of him. He was a happy, lovable boy when we picked him up. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants assurance they are leaving their pet with a great dog-sitter in a safe environment. Thanks Jennifer! We’ll see you again soon.
— Carolyn M.
DC Dog Sitter is the best! I have two dogs, and I have had dogs for over 25 years so I know a lot about dog sitters. DC Dog Sitter is by far the best I have ever encountered. In fact, none of my previous dog sitters can come close. DC Dog Sitter puts the luxury in dog care for both owner and dog. My pups were picked up and escorted to their spa vacation, and I was picked up at the airport on my return. I received very informative emails almost daily, and wonderful photos to supplement the reading of their daily escapades. DC Dog Sitter really understands dogs, and knows how to work with them on their problem areas. A true dog whisperer. My dogs came back happy, clean from a wonderful bath and nail clipping, and exhausted which was a beautiful thing. I need look no further for a dog sitter...I have found the best.
— M.P.B.
I’ve taken my dog to Jennifer three times now and each time she comes back exercised and relaxed. It really helps to know that your dog is well cared for when you have to be away. I highly recommend Jennifer!
— S.A.
I am so happy I found Jennifer! I was leaving Kayla for a week and a half and was nervous to leave her with someone new, but Jennifer made me feel comfortable from our first communication. She sent daily pictures and updates while I was away and I could tell Kayla was having a great time. Jennifer even gave her a bath before I picked her up; how great is that! I highly recommend her. Though her rate is a little higher than others, know that it is worth EVERY penny. She spends so much time walking and caring for the dogs that it makes it more than worth it. I won’t worry about booking a vacation in the future because I know I have a pet sitter in the area that I can trust :)
— Christa Z.
Jennifer did an excellent job with Abby; she walked her several times in the day and ensured she played well with the other dogs in her care. Abby came home happy and tired. I’ve already booked Jennifer for two additional sleepovers because Jennifer was so good with her.
— S.A.
Jennifer was very accommodating and super-easy to work with. Our dog can be a bit of a handful but Jennifer did a great job taking care of her. She got plenty of exercise and came home happy and tired. Thanks again Jennifer!
— Matt M.
Jennifer was awesome! She kept me informed of how Ciro was a few times per day, which was very comforting. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants their pet treated with the best care possible.
— Steve M.
I feel very lucky to know Jennifer, because now I can leave town without feeling too guilty, knowing that my Simie is going to have a lovely time with Jennifer, and that she will be cared for with genuine love and amazing expertise! Jennifer was wonderful as always. She provided daily updates with pictures and stories. She also actively took note of some of Simie’s issues (e.g., shyness around other dogs) and worked with Simie while I was away, keeping track of her progress and just really caring about how my little girl was doing and how her life could be improved. I can’t recommend Jennifer highly enough!
— L.B.
Jennifer and Houston made Pedro feel right at home! We received nightly updates and were able to enjoy our weekend away knowing that Pedro was in such good hands.
— Diane K.
Jennifer was awesome! She kept me updated on my dog daily and took really good care of her. My dog was in wonderful hands and I didn’t worry at all. Highly recommend!
— Ashton K.
We had a great experience with Jennifer. She watches several dogs at a time during the holidays and manages to keep a happy, organized, and clean home. All the dogs get along and seem very comfortable in the home. Jennifer was very responsive from the moment we contacted her. She sent us several updates (with pictures!) when we left Mia with her for the weekend. We couldn’t believe it when we picked Mia up and she was cleaner than when we dropped her off—Jennifer bathed her! She even included a little card and dog treats in Mia’s bag when we left. Jennifer is very knowledgeable about animals in general and gets to know the history and personality of each of the dogs she cares for. She clearly loves sharing her home with pets.
— Kevin M.