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Lock boxes. Not exactly the most interesting subject to talk about, however when in need of a lock box, I'm guessing you probably would do as I did initially and search the internet.

There are so many different brands! How do you figure out which one is the best? Do I go with a brand name such as Master Lock or Sentry? Or, do one of these other brands possibly work?

No worries! We put our team to work. Through feedback, their experience, reviews from customers, and such - here is what we have discovered.

You can definitely go with one of the name brands, however one of the most reasonably priced and a lock box that is super easy to use and secure is the following by Cocoweb.

The Cocoweb Key Warden received great reviews. Additionally, Cocoweb is the number one manufacturer of Home Security and Key Storage Locks. They provide a 30 Day Guarantee and if you order online at Amazon, it ships within 24 hours! They also offer a standard 1 Year Industry-Best Manufacturer Warranty on Padlocks and Key storage security boxes.

So, there you have it! Consider purchasing the wall mounted unit or the shackle unit.