DC Dog Sitter

"Do you desire the very best pet care? What if you were able to have a team of certified pet professionals invested in helping provide the highest quality of life and care for your furry companion? Welcome to DC Dog Sitter. We understand the needs of a busy professional and the importance of worry free pet care. Our team works together to provide collaborative, concierge level professional pet care services and solutions for your pet and you! If we can do it, we will!"

DC Dog Sitter is a boutique pet spa providing collaborative, concierge level professional pet care services in the DC Metro area. 

Services include everything from dog sitting to dog walking to playtime at the park to hiking adventures to cat sitting to hotel pet sitting to executive level pet care to spa baths and pawdicures!

We invite you to join our DC Dog Sitter Family

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Hotel Pet Sitting

(Offered 24/7, Sunday to Saturday)


Designed for our world class travelers looking for the very best care and companionship for their furry love bugs while in the DC Metro Area. Our Professional Pet Sitter will come to your hotel at your requested time, provide specialized individual pet care in the comfort of your suite and surrounding local area, and ensure your pet's well-being. 


Executive Level Concierge Pet Sitting

Executive Level Concierge Pet Sitting Prices

  • Executive Level Concierge Pet Sitting | $50 per hour

(Note: A two hour minimum is requested.)


Hotel Dog Walking

(Offered from 8 am to 9:30 pm, Sunday to Saturday)

Hotel Dog Walking

(Note: Please provide a two hour window for dog walks. Example: 1 to 3 pm. Thank you.)

Hotel Dog Walking Prices

  • Hotel Dog Walking Mid-day Regular Visits (generally around 30 minutes) | $35
  • Hotel Dog Walking Mid-day Extended Visits (generally around one hour) | $50 
  • Hotel Dog Walking Morning|Evening|Weekend Visits | $10*

*Walks taking place outside of Mid-day hours 10:30 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday)