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Houston the cat

Houston The Cat

King of the House, Tuna Lover, and All Around Cat In Charge

After years spent traveling and building a successful career in the political, business, and communications realm, Jennifer found herself navigating uncharted waters with the economic crash in 2008. Further compounding and pulling at the heart strings was the loss of both her cat and dog in the fall of 2009.

Initially, getting into the pet industry on the side was to help dear friends when they travel as well as nurture her own loss for her two beloved companions. However, the conversation began to quickly change as friends commented over and over, “What are you doing that is different?” My dog is happier and less anxious and better behaved and their fur looks amazing among many of the more frequent comments. It was in the midst of these chats, there was a realization and desire to help Elevate The Care™ for our furry companions on a larger scale and a business was born.

DC Dog Sitter has been truly built from the ground up - one member at a time, one day at a time. There are three defining goals to DC Dog Sitter - 1) to provide the very best pet care, 2) to enable team members to be paid a living wage in the pet industry and assist with financial goal planning to equip others to live successfully, and 3) to give back with a minimum of 10% of all proceeds every year going towards assisting and helping pets live their best life. We are beyond grateful to our many members and our team - the majority of whom are full time team members and derive their full time income from caring for our many furry companions.

Jennifer is gaining recognition as she continues to raise the conversation on how we can Elevate The Care™ for our furry companions. She is working closely with worldwide leaders in the integrative veterinarian fields as well as influencers to help further this message. Jennifer serves with the Paws For Change Foundation as well as helping to coordinate the AIS | Animal Influencer Salon - a worldwide event bringing together the top influencers from around the world to discuss and advance animal health and wellness, and longevity.

Jennifer’s book, “From The White House To The Dog House” will be released in the near future. Additionally, Jennifer is a regularly featured speaker, commentator, and writer for various conferences, articles, and digital forums speaking on the rapidly changing workforce, millennials, and the cultural shifts taking place. She maintains an active life in politics, has her pilot’s license, is involved in multiple world relief projects as well as helping the fight against sex trafficking.

We think we have a pretty amazing organization and team. And, we look forward to having you join our DCDS Family!


My beloved Jessie

and Keiki