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Giving Back


DC Dog Sitter invites you to join us in honoring and empowering the following organizations in giving back.


The heart and soul of DCDS. Giving back is a cornerstone of our organization. In addition to giving at minimum 10% of DCDS' proceeds to support local and national organizations, our entire team is involved in donating our time and resources to further help support various efforts. Our goal is that pets receive the mental, emotional, physical care, and expertise all animals should experience. 


Paws For Change Foundation is dedicated to helping Dogs & Cats live long, vibrant, and joyful lives. Together, with you, we're making this happen.


Warrior Dog Foundation is dedicated to serving the special operations community, families, and Special Operation Forces (SOF) working K-9 military dogs.



we've gathered the world's experts in extraction operations and in anti-child trafficking efforts to bring an end to child slavery. O.U.R.'s Underground Jump Team consists of former CIA, Navy SEALs, and Special Ops operatives that lead coordinated identification and extraction efforts. These operations are always in conjunction with law enforcement throughout the world.

Once victims are rescued, a comprehensive process involving justice for the perpetrators and recovery and rehabilitation for the survivors begins. 

It is time for private citizens and organizations to rise up and help. It is our duty as a free and blessed people.


We believe that our nation’s military caregivers need and deserve robust, effective support in light of the mental, physical, and financial challenges they face in caring for wounded warriors suffering from physical injuries, invisible wounds of war, or both.


Puppy Jake Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping military veterans through the assistance of well bred, socialized, and professionally trained service dogs.


The Washington Humane Society and the Washington Animal Rescue League have each served the animals and people of the District of Columbia and the national capital region for over a century. Now these two great forces for animal protection have come together to form an even more powerful organization: the Humane Rescue Alliance.


To honor and empower Wounded Warriors.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
— Anne Frank