FAQ's Drop Down Box


(Offered Mid-Day, Monday to Saturday)

City, PFA's, and Hiking Adventures*†

  • Mid-Day Hours, 11 am to 2 pm

  • $77 per dog, per Adventure, Additional Dogs in the same household are $55 per dog, per Adventure

  • Weekend Surcharge, $10

  • Monthly Package, 3x or more Adventures per month + 3 months consecutive, Receive 10% discount†

  • Monthly Dog Walking Package Members are able to upgrade to an adventure at a significant discount


Cat Sitting

(Offered from 8 am to 8 pm, Sunday to Saturday)

Cat Sitting and Other Critters*†

  • Brief, $27

  • Regular, $30

  • Extended, $45

  • Option For Pet Sitter To Stay Overnight, $107 and up

  • Monthly Package, Monday to Friday, Mid-Day Hours, $17 per visit or $374†



(Offered 24/7, Sunday to Saturday)

Chauf-Fur Service (Transportation)*

Transportation within DC

  • Within the same quadrant, $25 per ride

  • Crossing over quadrants, $35 per ride

Outside of DC - Maryland and Virginia

  • Within Pentagon City, $25 per ride

  • Montgomery or Prince George’s counties in Maryland, $50

  • Arlington and Fairfax counties (including the cities of Falls Church and Alexandria) in Virginia, $50


Dog Walking

(Offered from 8 am to 9:30 pm, Sunday to Saturday)

Dog Walking a la carte*

  • Mid-Day Brief Visits, $27*

  • Mid-Day Regular Visits, $30*

  • Mid-Day Extended Visits, $50*

  • Morning|Evening|Weekend walks, $10 surcharge

Mid-Day Dog Walking Packages

Dog Walking Monthly Packages†

  • Brief, $374† ($17 average per walk)

  • Regular, $440† ($20 average per walk)

  • Extended, $800† ($36 average per walk)

  • Please message us directly for our four day and three day per week monthly walk packages.

Dog Walking Monthly Package Members Receive

  • Ability to upgrade walks to Hiking Adventures, PFA's, and City Adventures at a significant discount

  • 10% discount on Pet Sitting Services

  • 10% discount on Morning|Evening|Weekend walks

Hotel Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

(Offered 24/7, Sunday to Saturday)

Hotel Pet Sitting*

  • Executive Level Concierge Pet Sitting, $50 per hour*

  • Morning|Evening|Weekend Concierge Pet Sitting $10 surcharge

Hotel Dog Walking*

  • Regular Visits, $35 and up

  • Hotel Dog Walking Extended Visits, $50 and up

Note: Hotel Dog Walks taking place outside of Mid-day hours 10:30 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday will have a $10 surcharge added. A standard 18% gratuity will be added. Hotel parking may also be added. Thank you.)


Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Visits To Owner's Home*

  • Brief, $27

  • Regular, $30

  • Extended, $50

Pet Sitter To Stay At Owner's Home*

  • The Basics, 10 pm to 7 am, $107

  • Dinner to Breakfast, $137

  • Mid-Day Visit, $20

  • Mid-Day Adventure, $45

Executive Level Concierge Pet Sitting

  • Concierge Pet Sitting, $50 per hour

  • Pet Nanny Service, $500 and up per day



The Paw Club Spa

Spa Bath (Bath with therapeutic massage, Brush, Blow Dry, Blueberry Facial, Nail Trim, Ear Clean, Sanitary Area Trim, Chauf-fur service to and from home)

  • Spa Bath, $130 and up (subject to size of pup and breed) | includes pickup and drop off

  • Spa Pawdicure (nail trim, buffing, and pad treatment). $30

  • Chauf-fur service and Professional grooming. $200 and up (subject to condition of fur, type of trim, and length of time).



Private Training Sessions†

  • 1 Session| $145

  • 4 Pack | $435

  • 6 Pack | $600

  • 8 Pack | $750

  • 10 Pack | $885


* Mid-Day Hours are 10:30 am to 3:30 pm. Outside of these hours, a $5 to $10 surcharge for morning, evening, and weekend hours may be applied according to which service is selected. Additionally, Holidays and Peak Rate is subject to a $10 surcharge. 

† Sign up for a minimum of three months to an Adventure Package, Mid-Day Daily Walk Package, or Cat Sitting Package and receive complimentary access to The DCDS Members Program.

Participants in The DCDS Members Program receive 10% off sitting services, morning, evening, weekend walks, priority reservations for peak rate periods such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as reduced or limited surcharges. 

Payment is required in advance of services being completed. Thank you for understanding.