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How to Clean Without Chemicals... | Kellie Morrison

We love our furry friends to pieces, but let’s face it, it’s not fun cleaning up after them. Hair, tracking in dirt and debris from outside, hair, nose prints and slobber on windows… did I mention hair?

When it comes to pet ownership, we want to spend our time with our furry companions, not cleaning up after them. Not only do we want an easy way to clean up after them, but also a safe way. Poisons and chemicals used to clean up pet odors and stains and maintain a clean home can harm our furry friends.

Norwex provides the best of both worlds when it comes to cleaning and maintaining our home, where we live and our beloved furry companions live. Their motto is to “improve quality of life by drastically reducing the use of chemicals.”

So how do you clean without chemicals? 

Two words: Enviro Cloth.


There was a time when I would have greatly benefited from the Enviro Cloth. Our 3-year-old (at the time) Weimaraner, Belle, had tracked some unknown substance into our home. Whether it was mud or gunk or some other animal product, I’ll never know. But there was no carpet stain buster out there that got those stains out of our carpet; thus, our decision to rip up the carpet and put laminate flooring in.

The Enviro Cloth would have easily picked up those stains with just water. In this picture, for example, a fellow consultant was able to get out dog blood that her neighbor’s dog had tracked around their home after chewing open a leg wound. By wetting the stains and blotting up with a wet Enviro Cloth, she was able to remove it.

This picture still amazes me!

Not only is this cloth a great stain remover, it is an amazing all-around cleaner. A true all-purpose cloth.

This one piece of cloth will take away those dog nose smudges, wipe up slobber, and scrub out stains among a variety of other cleaning duties. The reason the Enviro Cloth can accomplish all of this is because of its high quality microfiber.


In order to be categorized as microfiber, the fibers have to be split 1/6. Norwex’s microfiber is split 1/200 of a human hair. So if you were to unravel this cloth, it would stretch from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The fibers are so dense that they act like a vacuum, trapping bacteria, germs and dirt deep within the cloth. You can go from one surface to the next without worrying about cross contamination because anything you previously wiped up is trapped deep within the cloth.

You can read a study about the power of microfiber here


How can microfiber make cleaning up after your pet easier?

Think of your sliding glass doors or your front room windows where your furry friend waits for you to come home, their nose pressed up against the glass. Now think of simply grabbing the Enviro Cloth, getting it wet and wiping all of that away in one fell swoop. For a streak free finish, you would follow with the Norwex Polish/Window Cloth. Ditch the Windex.

Fur balls have you buried? Norwex also utilizes their high quality microfiber in mop form. The Dry Superior Mop is excellent for sweeping up animal hair, not just swooshing it around. Get the rubber brush with it, and you can easily brush the hair into the garbage and then go over to your couch and brush the hair away there, too — multiple uses for one tool.

The Norwex Dusting Mitt is also a handy tool to have on hand to wipe away those tumbleweeds that seem to have somehow floated up.

But if it’s smell that has you frustrated, whether it be litter boxes or a puppy accident from years ago (or last week), Norwex offers enzyme based products that work at attacking the organic matter that is causing the smell and stain. Products like the Odor Eliminator and Sportszyme are excellent at removing pet odors. They also have an odor eliminator called the Fridge So Fresh that is made up of crystals that you can place by your pet’s bed or litter box to absorb the odors, working much better than baking soda.

No more chemical smells. No more worry that Fido is going to ingest harsh and dangerous chemicals. No more wasting paper towels to clean up messes. Norwex is a pet lover’s dream when it comes to cleaning up after your beloved pet. It will save you time, money and the environment.

A BIG thanks to Kellie Makeeff Morrison for my introduction to Norwex! After asking her close to 1,000 questions about anything and everything I could think of - I finally purchased my envirocloth. Opened the package today and thought about one of the toughest things I wanted to try it on - considering I still wasn’t quite “sold”. I had a piece of Southern Living @ Home pottery above my stove for about 6 years, it moved across country with me and was always put back up in the same spot above my stove/microwave. This piece of pottery was greasy, grimy and dusty from cooking and what not. (I promise I’m not a slob!) I used a sponge with a scrubber on it more than once and I even put it in the dishwasher several times. Nothing was getting the grime & gunk off this thing. Tonight - I took the cloth out of the bag, put some water on it and rubbed the grime RIGHT OFF - with no scrubbing. AMAZING! I seriously want to clean everything I can get my hands on right now to test this out - but I’m too tired. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend!? Thanks again, Kellie!
— Melissa T.

I am currently offering special Pet Packages of Norwex products that will save you money if you were to purchase separately. These packages feature items that will help you maintain a clean home that you and your pet can both be happy in.

Feel free to visit my website at www.KellieMorrison.Norwex.biz or go and like my Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/KellieMorrisonNorwex for more information about how you can change the way you clean.

Clean doesn’t have a smell.

- Kellie Morrison

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