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What Is Your Favorite #Cat Litter?

Taking care of our beloved pets - specifically our feline friends, has us encounter a lot of cat litter! Lately, a common question has been "what is your favorite litter?" And, the answer is...

We had dogs growing up and it wasn't until I lived in Africa that we rescued a couple of little street cats I affectionately named Starbucks and Nordstrom. Being in Africa, we didn't exactly have a Target or Wal-mart right down the street, so we used sand from the beach for our litter boxes. It worked.

Fast forward, and now in DC, I became the mom to a middle aged cat who was in dire need of being loved back to health. She was a total sweetheart, however could also show her tough side. Very particular about her cat litter, I tried all kinds of different litters attempting to get away from the clay based litters that are rather dusty. She would not have it. So, we settled on a charcoal based EverFresh brand, which didn't track much and seemed to meet both our needs - mine for a clean home, and hers for a good litter to scratch in. Go figure.

And, then along came Houston, another rescue. He had been found living on the lamb with a very large dog. Extremely undernourished, they both had a unique bond, survivors at the core. It was touch and go if he was going to make it there initially because of the various ailements, however a good bath, a healthy consistent diet, and lots of love has brought this Maine coon's full of life personality to fill our home! He is my handsome man, what can I say.

When I picked up Houston, I was determined to be like the movie Meet The Parents and train a cat how to go potty in the toilet. I settled on the Litter Kwitter method and so right from the get go when he first came into the house, he found his litter box on the toilet. There are training stages, and we would get down to the final ring and inevitably my somewhat unbalanced little guy would somehow slip and then fall into the toilet - thus requiring us to back up several stages and start again. At some point, I finally came to terms that we would settle on the tray being on the toilet to give him a better stance and still he pees and poos into the toilet. It works! 

Toilet training a cat can be a several month process, depending on their ability to grasp the whole toilet concept. It is imperative that you must have flush-able cat litter as they will scratch and dump cat litter down the hole into the toilet. We first started with a wheat based litter, and I thought I had entered a version of hell. It was tracking all over the place. There were a couple of others I also tried, however the scent or texture would throw me or him off. And then, we found World's Best Cat Litter. I have to agree, I do love the title because I truly do think it is one if not the best cat litter out there. It is corn based, clumps, scoops easily, has a pleasant scent, is agreeable to most felines, doesn't track, and is earth friendly! Score!

Stores like Target carry this brand, however I have found the best price to be most often on Amazon. So, there you have it! My preferred cat litter of choice. Check it out and let me know what you think!

For the love of our cats!

Jenn and Crew

P.S. World's Best Cat Litter has a coupon on their site!