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Most Pets Should Wear a Tile Pro!

Say what? A Tile?? We get it! You have your pet microchipped. However, did you know that microchips don’t actually hold any gps tracking information. The manner as to how a chip works for your pet is that if your pet is to become lost, a) a person must find your pet and be honest about then b) taking them to a veterinarian or location where the pet may be scanned for a chip, and then c) hopefully your information is up to date and they are able to get in contact with you to coordinate the safe return of your pet.

We live in a much different world these days. Our team must be aware of kidnapping attempts on pets as well as theft.

Should your pet ever get away, time is of the essence. There are other gps trackers on the market, however, you must make sure they are regularly charged as well as ON your pet. We have found a super convenient and inexpensive solution to being able to provide relative tracking information - via a Tile Pro. The new versions even allow for battery replacement, so we think it is a huge win! Consider purchasing a two pack and having one Tile Pro on your pet’s collar as well as another tucked in their harness. That way, if one is to somehow get loose, you also have a backup in place.

Here’s to your pet’s safety and security!

The DC Dog (and Cat) Sitter Team