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FedEx Small Business Grant Competition

Would $25,000 change your life?...

It would change ours...

We are so honored to be accepted into the FedEx Small Business Grant Competition.

DC Dog Sitter was started with the goal of disrupting the status quo and providing a higher level of care and interaction. We believe in being outside, getting fresh air, swimming, running, playing, and doing hikes. (No pee and poo on a floor in a small room of dogs running around for us!) We focus on providing a high-touch, interactive, and engaging service that is catered to your pet’s personality and temperament.

We believe in having an impact in our community! Impact in elevating the level of care for our pets. Knowledge in helping to educate others. Environment - in providing an environment that allows pets to thrive and exercise and run and play games - all helping to contribute to their socialization, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life. 

A well-exercised and socialized dog is proven to be a happier, healthier, and emotionally well-balanced dog. The funds would go towards securing land within twenty-five miles of downtown DC to build our vision where 'city' pets would have the opportunity to be outside, get fresh air, enjoy a range of activities including swimming, park fun and adventures, running, agility training, playing, and hiking. Thank you for your consideration and vote!

We are incredibly grateful to have FedEx accept DC Dog Sitter into the FedEx Small Business Grant Competition. Now comes the voting part! And, we need YOUR Vote!

Thank you for your consideration and your vote!

- jenn