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Meet Kallie and her parents, AJ and Erin Washington

Meet Kallie and her parents, AJ and Erin Washington

Erin moved to DC from her hometown of St. Louis, MO five years ago for a job at Georgetown University, and has since moved on to roles at Marriott International. After eight years in New York City, AJ came to Washington in June of 2015 for a job in finance. The two met only three months after AJ's arrival into town and three years later they were married at Annapolis, a very special place for AJ, a Naval Academy alum.

Kallie entered their lives in March of 2017 through a rescue team in Baltimore. Originally thought to be a Rottweiler (her mom was a pure bred rescued while pregnant) and lab mix, they quickly learned from one of her siblings that their long-legged girl was actually half Great Dane!

AJ and Erin have recently quit their jobs and are about to take a year long honeymoon to see the world.

Kallie will also be living her best life this next year while living on Erin's parents farm in St. Louis with dog friends, a pool, lots of pampering, and living the leash-free life she's always dreamed.

We are incredibly excited for the adventures AJ and Erin are setting out on. However, selfishly, we are going to miss Kallie and her parents dearly and are hopeful they will return to the DC area in a year.

Meanwhile, be sure to SAVE THE DATE and Join Us on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at Francis Dog Park to say your goodbyes to our beloved Kallie girl and her parents.